GTA Online Weekly Podium Vehicle For March 24: How To Beat The Lucky Wheel Every Time

With each weekly update, Rockstar adds a new Podium Vehicle to the Diamond Casino in GTA Online, but what car is available this week and how do you guarantee a win on the Lucky Wheel?

While GTA Online is packed with tons of activities and objectives for players to complete, Rockstar takes its time when it comes to big content drops.

So to keep the community engaged and engaged, the developers are rolling out a weekly update every Thursday with login bonuses, increased rewards for specific missions, featured races and of course a new podium vehicle.

While most players struggle to win the top prize and take home the Podium car, a GTA content creator has figured out how to rig the Lucky Wheel every time using a simple technique.


Which podium vehicle is available this week?

Torero GTA Online
Rockstar Games

The Torero is the podium vehicle in GTA Online this week.

The Torero is a 2-door coupe worth about $998,000 from Legendary Motorsport. View the dealer’s description below:

“Owning a Pegassi Torero is owning a piece of history. This car marked the end of an era: a bygone era when porn stars had luscious pubes and supercars didn’t take risks. Then came the Torero—a wedge-shaped stallion with a scissor door fresh from a back, bag and tear—and nothing was ever the same. Decades later, it still looks like it rolled straight out of a wet dream with nothing but a glint in its eye. This is one for the collectors.”

Adding this Podium reward to your collection all adds up to a spin on the Lucky Wheel, but this time you don’t have to rely on beating the odds.

How to win the podium vehicle every time on GTA Online

Thanks to LaazrGaming, the creator of GTA Online content, it’s possible to follow a few simple steps to ensure you win this week’s podium vehicle.

While you may make a mistake on your first few tries, after a little practice you’ll have the technique fully mastered.

  1. Go to Diamond Casino in GTA Online
  2. Start a private session so the Lucky Wheel is fresh
  3. Operate the wheel and wait for the ‘Use to spin’ bar to appear in the top right corner
  4. Count to four when it appears
  5. Then swipe your left analog stick up and then down
  6. Have fun with your new Podium Vehicle!

If you prefer to follow the steps in video format, check out Laazr’s step-by-step guide below.

So there you have it, that’s exactly what Podium Vehicle is available this week and how to make sure you walk away with it in your collection!

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