Halo Infinite Player Recreates Minecraft’s The Nether In Stunning Forge Build

Another Halo Infinite Forge build has leaked, featuring an impressive recreation of Minecraft’s Nether biome.

Leaks are coming out about Halo Infinite’s Forge mode, showing off the creative freedom it offers players.

Fans have already made some incredible creations, including revamped game modes and recreations of set pieces outside the realm of Halo.

Now, one leak revealed an impressive recreation of Minecraft’s eerie Nether biome that appears straight out of the game.

Halo Infinite Forge Leak Shows Minecraft Mashup

Mojang / Microsoft

Mojang / Microsoft

Minecraft’s Nether biome is a dark, infernal environment filled with creepy mobs and lots of lava.

The leak comes via Freelance Artist Dan Brindley Johnson on Twitter, who posted a screenshot of his creation.

The screenshot shows what at first glance could be mistaken for an HD screenshot of Minecraft, until viewers notice the iconic Halo Assault Rifle and HUD elements.

The Nether recreation includes a purple glowing Nether Portal, lava pillars falling from the ceiling into a giant pool, and a huge Ghast floating in the background.

To make the screenshot as authentic as possible, Johnson even added Minecraft’s render fog effect to really add some depth to the recreation.

Fortunately for fans of Mojang’s blocky sandbox game, this isn’t the only Minecraft recreation that Johnson has featured.

He posted several screenshots and even a walkthrough video of a Minecraft Village “Work in Progress” build.

Although the village uses textures with a higher resolution than can normally be found in Minecraft, the blocky proportions remain intact.

Even though Halo Infinite’s Forge mode isn’t even out yet, players can already see how robust the creative system is.

Those wanting to see more of Forge’s capabilities in Halo Infinite should check out these other impressive builds, including this Stranger Things Upside Down recreation or this PT build based on Konami’s canceled horror game.

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