Halo Infinite Update August 9 Patch Notes: Ranked Doubles, Visor Adjustment, More

A new Halo Infinite update will be out on August 9, with changes to the game’s multiplayer that add more customization and bring fan-favorite duplicate playlists to the game. Here’s everything we know about the pre-release update.

Halo Infinite developers 343 announced last week that a new update for the game would be released on August 9. The announcement, revealed via Halo Waypoint, gave fans an overview of what they can expect to see change in the game when the update goes live. .

The August Drop Pod update is, according to 343, “set to expand each player’s customization options, incorporate QoL improvements, and lay the groundwork for even more community-requested features.”

Here are some of the biggest changes coming to Halo Infinite with August’s new Drop Pod update.

What will change in Halo Infinite’s August 9 update?

Added customization for visors and helmet mounts

Halo Infinite August Update Visor Image

343 Industries

Halo Infinite players now have a lot more customization options when it comes to their Visor

One of the biggest criticisms of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer since launch has been its lack of customization options and freedom. 343 slowly fixes this issue with each new update that comes out. The impending release of the Forge game mode also seems to offer significant customization options for players.

This August 9 update introduces a lot more freedom for players when it comes to sights. Players will soon be able to use any visor they have unlocked for a helmet of their choice, regardless of the armor core being used.

Halo Infinite August Update Helmet Image

343 Industries

All attachments are now available for gear on select Mark VII helmets

In addition, specific Mark VII helmet mounts will be available for use on any Mark VII helmet, which was not possible before.

Added more ranked playlists, including doubles

In terms of gameplay, Infinite will be adding a number of new ranked playlists to multiplayer during the month of August. Notably, Infinite will finally get the leaderboard double, which is scheduled to be two weeks after this update goes live.

For those who want to play more casual and laid-back doubles matches, a Team Doubles social playlist will also appear at the same time. The game will also get a CSR reset.

Layout changes to make viewing active challenges easier

Halo Infinite August Update Challenges Image

343 Industries

Players can now actively check which challenges to complete in the middle of a game

343 will also change the appearance of the pause menu so that players can quickly see what active challenges they have during games. This design change comes directly from fan requests and is something the developers were “very happy to implement”.

At this point, the challenges will not indicate how far players are from reaching a challenge in terms of numbers remaining or the total number needed to complete the challenge. However, 343 has promised to add these additional details later.

Check back in the next few hours as we’ll keep you updated here with the full August 9 patch notes when they become available.

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