Halo Infinite’s New HCS Armor Coatings & Weapon Charms Have Leaked For All 9 Teams

New Halo Infinite leaks have revealed a range of new HCS armor coatings and charm designs coming to the game soon.

The new HCS armor coatings and weapon charms for Halo Infinite have just been leaked via Reddit, with fans expressing their excitement at the fresh and detailed designs for top professional teams. The leaks show all nine armor coatings and their associated weapon charms.

Of the new armor coatings, fans seem to love the new OpTic look, imitating their championship white jerseys coming out on Sunday, with many commenting on how bright the design is compared to the previous coatings that were released.

The bright white also stands out compared to many of the other dark gray and black armor coatings the other teams have opted for. The other standout design is SSGs, with the team opting to go for a complete gold look.

Halo Infinite HCS Leaks Armor Body Image

Reddit: Haijakko

This leak marks our first look at the second round of HCS armor coatings in Halo Infinite.

In addition to the OpTic and SSG coatings, the leaks seemingly show the armor designs for SEN, NAVI, G2, Fnatic, EUnited, FaZe and C9, which will complete all HCS teams by 2022.

To accompany the armor, new weapon charm designs have also been leaked. The initial reaction from fans has seen C9’s charm as a clear winner, its cute cloud design that sets it apart from all the other more serious looks.

Halo Infinite’s new HCS leaks are another example of 343’s dedication to their esports league. However, this news stems from a major controversy that hit the HCS last month, with many major Halo esports teams missing out on partnerships.

Halo Infinite HCS leaks charms image

Reddit: Haijakko

The new HCS charms all have very unique and personalized designs.

And while Halo esports may not be that big compared to other leagues, developers 343 have worked hard to develop the Halo esports scene and establish a consistent competition. Personalized armor and charms are quickly becoming a staple of the Halo Championship Series and a critical part of Halo’s official esports competition.

Anyway, 343 has been busy adding more content to their latest Halo title. The game just released the August 9 patch, which added more customization options for the visor and helmet. Full details of the latest update have been covered by Dexerto here.

Devs 343 have yet to comment on the leaks or confirm a release date. For updates on the story or other Halo Infinite news, check out Dexerto’s full coverage here.

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