Here’s What NVIDIA’s CEO Has to Say About EVGA’s Breakup

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang responded to the concerns of investors and reporters after his GTC speech. Before all the Ada Lovelace news, one of the most significant developments in the industry was the separation from longtime partner EVGA. Reporters gathered for the Q&A, hoping to get Huang’s first formal comments about the split that seemed so unexpected on the surface but had been brewing for years.

With the recent debut of the GeForce RTX 40 series graphics cards, discussions about price, delivery schedules, partner designs and underlying technologies like DLSS 3.0 have dominated NVIDIA’s headlines. Yesterday we put together a very thorough overview of all NVIDIA AIB partner cards and highlighted notable initiatives, but left out one key company: EVGA. NVIDIA’s CEO responded to a question about whether the company will be missed by answering “not much.”

With the strong influence of the GPU business in the US market, the choice of EVGA was clearly not taken lightly, as we emphasized immediately after the huge split. But as a business must be run, as usual, it was decided to pull out of this particular PC components market rather than water down the EVGA offering, which offers a winning custom cooler design, long warranties and customer programs. contained. In previous generations, NVIDIA’s Founder Edition cards were another spark in the relationship’s demise.

There is currently no word from EVGA on how it plans to fill the void left by its NVIDIA GPU division. However, in a recent Facebook update, his well-known overclocking partner Vince “Kingpin” Lucido said he was open to deals with competing GPU brands.

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