Hidden Overwatch 2 ability makes Baby D.Va extra powerful

Published: 2022-12-28T22:03:23

Updated: 2022-12-28T22:03:23

A hidden passive ability from Overwatch 2 makes Baby D.Va more powerful than ever in OW1.

Overwatch 2 has been out for a few months now and players are still discovering all kinds of unique tricks and interactions the game has to offer.

Unlike the first game, Overwatch 2 features passive abilities for all heroes depending on their role. While the passive DPS continues to change each season, tanks and mounts have remained consistent.

Supports now regain health after taking no damage for a short time and tanks have less recoil, but it turns out this passively applies to more than just D.Va’s primary MEKA form.

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overwatch d.vaBlizzard Entertainment

Baby D.Va is actually more powerful in OW2.

Baby D.Va seriously gained weight in Overwatch 2

In a new video released by Overwatch content creator KarQ, the educational YouTuber tested to see if the passive tank also applied to D.Va when she was de-meched.

Lo and behold, when testing a Lucio boop on both Baby D.Va and Tracer, since they have similar character models, the speedy DPS hero flew back a lot more than the Pilot form tank.

(Segment starts at 2:17)

“You can see that Baby D.Va does indeed have the tank passive,” he explained.

This is good news for Baby D.Va players, as it means you’re less vulnerable to environmental kills. In addition, you can also use your Call Mech Ultimate to crush enemies without worrying about being pushed away by enemies.

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Players may want to keep this in mind if they don’t have a mech as D.Va, especially if a Lucio from the opposing team tries to boop you when you call it. You might end up surprising them!

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should carelessly play close to the edge of the map, as you can still get knocked off, but the extra weight is still an improvement for the 150 HP gremlin and makes her slightly more of a threat. than its original incarnation.

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