Hilarious Kiriko bug in Overwatch 2 reveals the worst time to teleport

Published: 2023-01-09T05:18:23

Updated: 2023-01-09T05:18:36

A ridiculous Overwatch 2 bug has revealed that Kiriko’s teleport isn’t really useful on every occasion. Due to a split-second problem occurring in the spawn room, it’s possible that one quick move could actually lead to your demise.

When it comes to escaping danger in Overwatch 2, a few heroes have certain tricks up their sleeves. D.Va can activate her defense matrix, Lucio can get his team to safety faster, and Baptiste even has an immortality station to keep everyone alive. But no one can teleport like Kiriko.

While Symmetra has her separate teleporter that multiple allies can use, Kiriko’s is more of a selfish ability. At the touch of a button, Swift Step can send the hero great distances, even through walls, to a teammate far away. In theory, this ability should always be useful, but in practice it turns out that Kiriko can fall off the map with this trick.

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Unfortunately, as Reddit user ‘Yocas’ found out, there’s a one in a million chance of dying and having to spawn again yourself if you activate Swift Step on a teammate in the spawn room.

Although the window is extremely narrow, the bug occurs when an ally switches heroes. The moment they switch from one character to another, it can compensate for Kiriko’s teleportation. Instead of making her jump to the spawn room, she instead flies across the map to where the new model is present very briefly.

In this case, the player was unlucky enough to tap their Swift Step ability at the right time to see the bug in action. In an instant they were launched back to the first point on Junkertown and flew to their doom.

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“It took me a few [rewatches] to realize exactly what caused this, but as the title says, the cause of this was teleporting to a teammate who was in the process of switching heroes,” the player explained. “You’ll see the moment he switches from Torb to Tracer and I’m launched to the edge of the map.”

To make matters worse in this case, they happened to be in the middle of a heated match on the ranked ladder. It’s certainly not ideal in competitive mode to kill one of your Supports across the map.

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So be sure to keep this small but devastating bug in mind as you move forward, just in case you ever need to retreat to spawn as Kiriko in an instant.

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