Hogwarts Legacy Common Room tour shows hidden details from the books

In a Hogwarts Legacy featurette, developers took viewers on House Common Room tours that tease hidden details talked about in the book series.

In recent months, WB Games has shown more and more of Hogwarts Legacy in action.

And now that the Harry Potter prequel game has a fixed release date, the publisher will no doubt be pulling the curtain further in the coming months.

Set in the late 1800s, Hogwarts Legacy invites players to an adventure set long before Lord Voldemort came to power. But the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry should still feel familiar to those well-versed in the books and movies.

Hogwarts Legacy Common Room Video Teases Hidden Details

Since September 1st is the first day of the school year at Hogwarts, WB Games has released a Hogwarts Legacy featurette and tour videos.

A developer notes halfway through the featurette that when building the Common Room of House Gryffindor, the team made sure to preserve the iconic design fans they know and love.

But features like the “entrance tunnel described in the books” will appear; meanwhile, movies like Prisoner of Azkaban show the Fat Lady painting as a passageway directly to the tunnelless common area.

Of course, there are also rarely seen Houses available to explore in Hogwarts Legacy. For example, the Hufflepuff Common Room is shown at the very end of the featurette above.

The slippery snake that unlocks the entrance to the Slytherin Common Room also features in the Hogwarts Legacy tour videos.

Needless to say, players will have plenty to do when the highly anticipated RPG finally arrives next year.

Hogwarts Legacy will launch on February 10, 2023 for PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms. A Nintendo Switch version will arrive sometime later at an unspecified date.

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