How many people play New World? Counter counter for new world players (2022)

Amazon Games’ first foray into the MMO genre has maintained steady momentum despite some of its initial difficulties, as evidenced by an impressive daily and total player count in the New World. So, how many people will be playing New World in May 2022?

Since its release in 2021, New World has given fans of the genre a lot of love despite its many problems. With realistic graphics, beautiful landscapes and unique wars, there is a lot of content to sink your teeth into.

But how many people are currently playing New World in May 2022, with the boom and bust onset?


An image of New World players firing muskets into a graveyard.
Amazon games

New World continues to bring in a large number of players on a daily basis.

How many people play New World? (May 2022)

According to MMO Populations, the New World has approximately 14.5 million registered players. However, most have moved on since the average number of concurrent players on a daily basis has dropped to just 20,000.

As the data suggests, New World has lost a significant number of players since its peak. However, there is no telling what Amazon Games has in store in 2022. The company will no doubt try to win them back.

An image of the statistics of the number of players in the New World
MMO population

Despite some upward and downward trends, the number of players in the New World has remained relatively constant in 2022.

Number of players in the New World vs other MMOs

If you’re interested in seeing how the daily player count in the New World compares to other titles in the genre, we’ve compiled the data here, courtesy of MMO Populations. Please note, however, that all figures below are estimates:

  • World of Warcraft: 1.13 m
  • destination 2: 381k
  • Final Fantasy XIV: 1.1 m
  • Guild Wars 2: 311k
  • runescape: 155k
  • Old School Runescape: 664k
  • EVE Online: 86k

We will continue to update this article every month to reflect player data, so make sure and stay informed about how many players are signing up to New World each day.

So there you have it – everything you need to know about the number of players in the New World in May 2022.

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