How to Avoid Kong & Godzilla Attacks in Warzone Operation Monarch

Warzone Operation Monarch puts two giants on the map to help players save Caldera from a greater evil, but don’t be surprised if you get damaged by Kong or Godzilla from time to time. Here’s how to avoid their attacks.

Operation Monarch is the latest special mission for members of the Warzone community to play through, with a new SCREAM Device killstreak and Ancient Rivalry blueprint available during the event. All of this is explained in Raven Software’s patch notes.

When Kong and Godzilla are on the map, it’s nothing special to get dragged to you during the early game as they will go through stages of rage.

Each of the Monarchs has a different style of fighting, using their tails or causing things to happen nearby. These attacks are called Titan Frenzy attacks – and getting familiar with their moves can help you avoid damage.

Here we show you how each of them can be a threat to you and your teammates, and how to avoid their anger.

All Godzilla attacks in Warzone: Moveset

godzilla in war zone operation monarch

Godzilla has ways to take you down, even if it should be an ally.

You don’t want to be on the receiving end of a Godzilla attack, including:

  • Heat Ray Breath
  • tail wiping
  • Dorsal plaque

All Kong attacks in Warzone: Moveset

Kong Warzone Pacific Season 3

Kong doesn’t mess around – so watch out. You are a Quake Slam from death.

Watch out for these attack moves from Kong in Operation Monarch, as they can be deadly:

  • Quake Slam
  • Fin Breaker
  • Air Ax Slash

How to Avoid Kong & Godzilla Attacks in Warzone

There are two ways to avoid Kong or Godzilla attacks in Warzone Operation Monarch:

  1. Run in a direction other than Kong or Godzilla to exit the area where the Titan Frenzy takes place.
  2. Deal damage to Kong or Godzilla – and by dealing damage you’ll end the Frenzy and unlock the special SCREAM Device killstreak.

With both Titans at nearly 120 feet, it’s critical that you quickly pick up on the ways they attack and how to handle those scenarios. This guide will show you some of the basics, but it’s likely that more creative strategists will emerge during the event as well.

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