How to beat Giovanni in Pokemon Go December 2022: Shadow Mewtwo counters & weaknesses

Persian counters

Press is a normal-type Pokémon weak against Fighting-type attacks and resistant to Ghost-type attacks, making it a lot easier to know exactly which Pokemon to use.

Use these counters against Persian in Pokemon Go for the best chance of winning:

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Giovanni Pokemon Go counter phase 2

Nidoqueen Steelix and Rhyperior in Pokemon GoNiantic / The Pokemon Company

Giovanni’s stage 2 becomes Nidoqueen, Steelix, or Rhyperior.

Nidoqueen counters

Nidoqueen is a dual Poison/Ground-type Pokemon weak against Ground, Ice, Psychic, and Water-type movesand resistant to Electric, Poison, Bug, Fairy, Fighting, and Rock-type attacks.

Steelix counters

Steelix is ​​a dual Ground/Steel type Pokemon, which means it is weak to Fighting, Fire, Ground, and Water-type attacks.

Rhyperior counters

Rhyperior is a Ground/Rock type Pokemon, so that’s it extremely weak against Grass and Water-type movesand also weak to Fighting, Ground, Ice, and Steel-type attacks.

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Giovanni Pokemon Go counter phase 3

MewtwoNiantic / The Pokemon Company

Giovanni’s Phase 3 will always be Shadow Mewtwo.

Shadow Mewtwo counters

Giovanni’s Shadow Mewtwo is a psychic type, which means it is weak against Bug, Dark, and Ghost-type attacks and resistant to Fighting and Psychic-type attacks.

Compared to Rocket Grunts and Leaders, Giovanni packs a punch. His lineup of Shadow Pokemon will quickly deplete your health if you don’t have the right counters. Don’t panic though, because you can rematch the boss immediatelyand make changes to your roster as needed to beat him.

As long as you use the right counters to exploit the weaknesses of his lineup, you will beat him. If you don’t see a Pokemon you own in the list above, just look at our weaknesses and compare it to what you have accordingly.

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Best team to beat Giovanni in Pokemon Go

Conkeldurr, Hydreigon and Kyogre in Pokemon GoNiantic / The Pokemon Company

The right team will make beating Giovanni a lot easier.

One of the best teams you can use to beat Giovanni in Pokemon Go is Conkeldurr, Kyogre and Hydreigon.

A strong Fighting type like Conkeldurr will help you defeat Giovanni’s guaranteed Phase One Pokemon, the Normal-type Persian. Next, a powerful Water-type like Kyogre will be able to wipe out all three of its potential stage two Pokemon.

Finally, you’ll want a strong Dark-type or Ghost-type to deal with Giovanni’s stage three Pokemon, Shadow Mewtwo. We recommend Hydreigon for this, although there are plenty of other options such as Darkrai, Hoopa, and Chandelure.

How to find Giovanni in Pokemon Go

Before you can try to track down Giovanni, you need to take a few steps:

  • Loss Team Rocket Grunts at PokeStops to earn six Mysterious Components and a Team Rocket radar.
  • Equip the Radar and take out the three other Team GO Rocket Leaders, Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra (found at PokeStops or floating above the ground in hot air balloons).
  • Be sure to know that you complete Special Research tasks like taking out the other leaders, defeating Grunts, and other Team Rocket tasks until you get a Super Rocker Radar.
  • Equip itand you will have to check out different PokeStops to exclude one potential decoy Giovannis until you meet the real one.

How to beat squad leaders in pokemon go

If you want to take on the other Team Go Rocket Leaders, check out our guide to taking down Arlo, our guide to beating Cliff, and finally our guide to beating Sierra.

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So there you have it, everything you need to know about the best counters to beat Giovanni and Shadow Mewtwo in Pokemon Go for December 2022.

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