How to destroy structures with a Cow Catcher in Fortnite for this weekly challenge

Week 7 challenges of Fortnite are here, but players may have trouble destroying 200 buildings with a Cow Catcher. Here we’ll help you find a vehicle with a Cow Catcher and explain how to quickly destroy structures.

To complete this challenge, players must find the Cow Catcher vehicle mod and a vehicle to mount it on before they can destroy structures on the map.

The difficulty lies in the sheer amount of structures you have to destroy in a single match. Here we will talk about Cow Catcher mods and then how to reliably find structures to destroy.

Where to find a vehicle with a Cowcatcher

Cowcatchers are common vehicle mods that players can attach to the front of a vehicle to destroy objects and structures. Since they are just random loot, there is no preset location where they will appear on the map.

However, there are some surefire ways to find Cow Catchers pre-attached to a vehicle. The easiest choice is the steerable armored battle buses that can be found in two specific locations.

The first location players can find a Armored Fighter Bus is located on the east side of Sanctuary, on a dirt road between Sanctuary and the ocean.

Below is a marked location of this battle bus on Fortnite’s map:

The Armored Battle Bus location on the Fortnite map
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This is the location of the second battle bus marked on the Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2 map.

The second location where players can find an armored battle bus is just outside the front of Synapse Station, west of the sand-covered area of ​​the map.

Below is the second location highlighted on Fortnite’s map:

The location of the battle bus at Synapse Station in Fortnite

These two locations are sure to provide players with a guaranteed Cow Catcher, rather than having to search for it as random loot.

Where to destroy structures with the Cowcatcher

Now that players have access to a Cow Catcher, all you need to do is destroy 200 buildings with it.

Provided players choose to land near an armored battle bus and secure one, all players need to do is drive to the nearby landmark and destroy the buildings within it. This should easily provide players with the 200 structures needed to be destroyed to complete the challenge.

However, if players don’t land near a bus, Sleepy Sound would be a good POI to land on. Sleepy Sound offers plenty of opportunities to find loot, vehicles and buildings to destroy.

Cow catcher in fortnite
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A Cow Catcher mod can often be found as ground loot in Fortnite.

As with most challenges in Fortnite, elements of randomness will come into play, so players may have to try these methods a few times before they succeed.

That’s all players need to know about destroying structures with a Cow Catcher for one of Fortnite’s Chapter 3, Season 2 challenges from Week 7 into Week 7! Check out some of our other Fortnite guides below:

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