How to destroy turrets with a remote explosive in Fortnite to complete this weekly challenge

With Fortnite’s Week 7 challenges here, players may have trouble locating and destroying a turret with an external bomb. Here you can find a turret to explode.

To complete this challenge, you need to find both external explosives and one type of turret in a single battle royale match, which can prove a bit tricky.

External explosives were added to Fortnite early in Chapter 3 and are back on the ground as purple rarity loot after having been vaulted sporadically since their introduction. As for turrets, there are a handful of different turrets that players can use to complete this challenge faster.

First, let’s take a look at how to locate explosives remotely during a match.

Where do you find remote explosives?

Finding explosives at a distance may prove to be the more difficult part of this challenge as they are purple rarity items. However, we have a few tips that can help players find them more easily:

  1. High-traffic areas like The Daily Bugle and Chonkers Speedway are good places to find rare loot.
  2. Open many chests as they also have a chance to keep explosives at bay.
  3. Try to take out players who have fallen nearby, as they may have looted explosives remotely in the area in front of you.
  4. Remote explosives can be purchased with gold from NPCs all over the map, such as Peely.
Distant explosives are purple, rare throwables that stick to surfaces and vehicles.

If those tips don’t work, try moving to a different area and keep looking. Since loot is randomly generated, it may take a bit of luck before you have the right settings to complete this challenge.

After players find at least one remote explosive, it’s time to find a turret that can explode.

Where do you find turrets

Fortunately, there is a bit of wiggle room in terms of which turrets count towards completing this challenge. Players can explode siege guns and light and heavy turrets to reach the target.

You’ll find Siege Cannons scattered across both Tilted Towers and Command Caverns. Siege Cannons are easy to spot as they are much taller than other turrets.

Alternatively, players can find them aboard the airships flying over the aforementioned areas.

Mountable turrets can also be exploded to complete this Week 7 Challenge.

Light and heavy turrets may be a little harder to find due to their general rarity, but thankfully they aren’t limited to any area on the map.

When looking for these turrets, players should keep an eye out for sandbag walls at ground level, as these buildings will house turrets that can explode.

After finding a siege gun or a light or heavy turret, simply equip a remote explosive, throw it at or near a turret and detonate it.

And that’s how you can destroy a turret with a remote explosive and take out one of the week 7 challenges.

That’s all players need to know about destroying a turret with a remote explosive for one of Fortnite’s Chapter 3, Week 7 Season 2 Challenge! Check out some of our other Fortnite guides below:

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