How to get XL Candy in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go’s XL Candy is a great resource that players can easily get their hands on to level up their Pokemon to the level 50 cap. Here’s everything you need to know about XL Candy and how to get it in Pokemon Go.

XL Candy in Pokemon Go was introduced in the game’s major Beyond update in November 2020. The update increased the Trainer level cap to 50, increased EP for a number of activities, and the major overhaul also meant Pokemon could level up to a much higher level. are being brought. CP. To help trainers easily make their level 40 characters stronger, developers Niantic have also introduced XL Candy.

Initially, the item was extremely hard to find, but an update patch in March 2021 overhauled the game and made the Candy much easier to collect. Almost two years later and it’s still an excellent resource, so here’s how to get your hands on XL Candy in Pokemon Go.

Screenshot of Rare Candy XL in Pokemon Go.

Niantic / The Pokemon Company

The precious resource is now guaranteed in the March 2021 update.

How to get XL Candy in Pokemon Go

The first thing you need to know about XL Candy is that you need to do the following: Reach Trainer Level 31 before the in-game resource becomes available to you. As with regular Candy, the XL item is directly related to the evolution chain of specific Pokemon. For example, if you want to take your Water-type Blastoise past the CP cap, you’ll need to find a Squirtle XL Candy to do so.

Pokemon Go offers several ways to get XL Candy which we have listed below. Since it is considered a rare resource, luck can be a strong factor in getting your hands on the item.

catch pokemon

  • Basic Pokemon: Random Chance
  • 2nd evolution: 1x XL Candy (up to four)
  • 3rd evolution: 2x XL Candy (up to five)
  • Legendary/Mythical: 3x XL Candy (up to six)

Other methods

  • trade
  • Buddy Pokemon can find them
  • Evolving Pokemon

Trainers will also occasionally find Rare XL Candy, which is an even more enhanced form of the impactful item. It works the same way as standard Rare Candy in the game, but it’s much harder to find as an Unusual Raid Reward.

So that’s all you need to know about XL Candy in Pokemon Go!

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