How to Score Penalty Kicks in FIFA 23: Changes Explained

. Last updated: July 28, 2022

Penalty shootouts provide sweat-inducing moments in FIFA. Here’s a guide to making penalties less stressful in FIFA 23.

EA SPORTS unveiled a comprehensive list of new additions and changes to FIFA 23 on July 27. Some of the most exciting additions include new skill moves, a reworked free kick system, and a new firing mechanism.

Set pieces needed a rework and EA made sweeping changes. Free kicks no longer have a reticle. Instead, the process was simplified and players only had to adjust a line showing the initial trajectory. The same goes for corner kicks.

The game’s community welcomes the exchange of corners and free kicks with open arms, but penalty kicks make the real difference.

Here’s how to take the perfect FIFA 23 penalty kick.

Jan Oblak FIFA 23

EA Sports

Jan Oblak does a diving rescue in FIFA 23.

Knowing what’s different this year is the perfect starting point for taking a perfect pen.

What’s different with penalties in FIFA 23?

Nothing is more frustrating than losing a crucial Weekend League game in a penalty shootout. Just like in real life, penalties in FIFA require skill and a bit of luck on your side.

Leaning away from luck, EA rewards players in FIFA 23 for successful penalties. The developers stated in the July 27 Pitch Notes: “We want penalties to be more rewarding than before, with player composure being a big focus.”

FIFA 23: How to Aim the Perfect Penalty

Use the calming ring

When players take a penalty in FIFA 23, a new calm ring will appear based on the player’s calm rating. It is recommended to shoot when the ring is smallest to have the most accuracy and power.

Players with a high degree of composure have a larger perfect timing window and the ring shrinks more slowly.

Take advantage of the new target

Players aim their shot with the left stick as in previous FIFA episodes. However, there is no more reticle. Instead, the game sets your target in the net about three feet from the posts, which should make it harder to shoot wide.

You no longer have to break your thumbs to hold a penalty in the top corner. Instead of centering, the target stays where you want it, focusing on the power and timing of the players.

Antonio Rudiger FIFA 23

EA Sports

Antonio RĂ¼diger made a move to Real Madrid last summer.

Players can no longer time-finish penalties, eliminating the need for a second button press. EA also confirmed that you couldn’t aim directly at the edges of the posts.

Instead, a player’s penalty attribute affects the quality of the shot’s placement, and the shot power attribute affects the power and how far to the sides of the goal a shot reaches.

Time will tell if these changes are a step in the right direction or a small mistake over the bar.

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