How To Watch Pokemon World Championship 2022: Dates, Streams, Games, More

The Pokemon World Championship 2022 takes place in London and offers a wide variety of competitive Pokemon games – so here’s how and when you can watch it live, including the start date, livestream link and game schedule.

In the August 2022 Pokemon Presents, The Pokemon Company gave fans an overview of what to expect from the upcoming 2022 World Championships in London.

Hosted at the ExCel London convention center, The Pokemon Company expects thousands of players to personally compete in a wide variety of games.

Here’s how fans around the world can watch the event live.


Schedule Pokemon World Championship 2022

The Pokemon World Championship 2022 in London will start on August 18, 2022 and end on August 21, 2022. The TCG and VGC competitions start at 09:00 CEST on August 18, 2022.

That attend in person can arriving on August 17, 2022for the pick-up and check-in of the welcome pack from 5 p.m. BST.

pokemon go london 2022 world championship

The Pokemon Company

An overview of the full event schedule for the TCG and VGC competition can be found here on the official Pokemon website.

Fans who want to see the Pokkén Tournament DX Masters and Senior Division tournament can also find the schedule on the site.

Those looking for Pokemon Go’s Master and Senior Division competition and the Pokemon Unite tournament can also find that information under the appropriate tabs.

Pokemon World Championship 2022 Stream

Players can participate in the Pokemon World Championship live by visiting Pokemon’s official Twitch channel for full coverage of the event throughout each day.

Players looking to watch specific leagues can find each game’s respective stream link below:

Those interested in watching the brand new Pokemon Unite Championship can do so through the official Pokemon Unite website here.

Any game competition

As for the games fans can expect, of course Pokemon hosts a TCG championship tournament, which has been a staple for quite some time.

Plus, fans can expect Pokemon Sword & Shield in action during the VGC tournament.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Online Competitive VGC

Game Freak / The Pokemon Company

Pokkén Tournament DX also returns to the Pokemon World Championship, with the competitive fighting game having surprisingly long legs with its robust competitive scene.

Finally, Pokemon will host championships for both Pokemon Go and Pokemon Unite for the first time ever.

Personal presence

Finally, those lucky enough to attend the event in person can watch each tournament as a spectator and participate in side events throughout all four days.

Entry to the event requires a badge and registration, which can only be completed online.

And there you have it! That’s all Pokemon fans need to know watch the Pokemon World Championship 2022 live. Fans can come back for more updated information as the event gets closer.

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