HWiNFO adds early support for AMD’s next-gen Zen 5 CPUs

The Ryzen 7000 series is the first Zen 4 CPU family, codenamed Raphael, to reach the consumer market. The company plans to release Genoa CPUs for the EPYC and Phoenix Point/Dragon Range CPUs for the Ryzen mobility family. In addition to custom SOCs and Zen 4 V-Cache chips, the red team is also developing several Zen 4 V-Cache chips.

However, the creation of the next generation of Zen cores has already begun and work on Zen 5 and future chip designs has already begun. HWiNFO will soon provide early support for some Zen 5 CPU generations. The software developer may already know the product IDs and early data. Since this is early support, many more will follow in the coming years. If Zen 5 appears online, or if an AMD developer plans to use the program for hardware monitoring or diagnostics, the software will have at least minimal support on the next release.

Zen 4 will be succeeded in 2024 by Zen 5, which will also be available with 3D V-Cache and will use a 4nm production node, while Zen 5C will use the more advanced 3nm process node. Here’s the full list of Zen CPU cores that the red team has validated:

Zen 4 – 5nm (2022)
Zen 4 V cache 5nm (2023)

AMD has announced that the release of the new Zen 5 architecture would be in 2024, confirming previous rumors. Zen 5 (CPUs) will be available in the above three variants, and the chip itself is made from the bottom up with an all-new microarchitecture that prioritizes improved performance and efficiency, a re-pipelined front-end, and a broad issue, along with Integrated optimization of AI and machine learning. Among the main features of Zen 5 processors are:

Improved performance and effectiveness
Redirected front-end and extended issue
Integrating AI and Machine Learning Optimizations

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