HYTE shows off new Y40 case, Y60 accessories and more at CES 2023

HYTE was one of the most interesting companies we visited at CES this year. They had made their brand new Y40 case, some accessories for their Y60 case and a new RGB mouse pad!

HYTE Y40 Case

With HYTE making a big splash in the case market last year with their Y60, many people have been anticipating their next case. Well, the wait is over, they just announced the Y40. The Y40 removes the 45-degree tempered glass panel, giving it a more traditional look. You still get tempered glass panels on the front and side to show off your build. The overall size of the case has been reduced and it doesn’t have the two-compartment design like the Y60.

You still have room inside for ATX motherboards, up to 7 fans (2 included) and two hard drives. Like the Y60, you get three color options including black, white and red. You also get the same PCI-Express expansion card that matches the case color, allowing for vertical GPU mounting. For those wondering about bigger graphics cards, the vertical mount features 4 slots so you won’t have any problem getting an RTX 4090 in it.

The HYTE Y40 is available now for just $149.

HYTE Y60 accessories

HYTE is by no means done with the Y60. They showed two very cool accessories that they will offer for it. The first is their LCD DIY Kit. This is made to be installed behind the tempered glass panel at a 45 degree angle to the case.

The panel itself has a resolution of 1920 x 515 and is great for showing system stats and actually works really well for HYTE’s own Nexus software. HYTE provides the LCD panel, driver board and necessary cables to power the display, but users need to make their own mounting solution. An STL file for a 3D printed holder can be downloaded from the HYTE website.

The LCD DIY kit will be available in late January for $120.

The next Y60 accessory is also made to be installed behind the tempered glass panel at a 45 degree angle to the case. However, this is a completely different one. Compatible with both D5 and DDC pumps, for a range of custom loops, the Y60 Distro Plate features four separate flow chambers to allow precise routing of coolant between radiators and water blocks. The Y60 Distro Plate’s ports allow for a dual-radiator setup to cool both the CPU and GPU.

The expected price for the Y60 Distro Plate is $299 and HYTE tells us it will be available in mid-February.

CNVS desk mat

HYTE also showed off their CNVS desk mat. This may look like a regular RGB desk mat, but it’s so much more! First, it has 50 LEDs and is the first product as part of their qRGB ecosystem of products. By working with their Nexus software, you get a kind of “RGB stage” where effects and scenes flow positionally through your various devices. It’s actually pretty cool and immersive.

The Nexus software looks pretty cool too. It is based on a widget system and really allows system monitoring, configuration of various HYTE products and other widgets such as time, multimedia and more!

The CNVS desk pad has dimensions of 900 x 370mm and has a 7-layer design. It will be available in March for $119.

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