IceManIsaac Unveils ZRG Warzone Gear Nearly Meta Kar98k

Warzone YouTuber and content creator IceManIsaac has unveiled a ZRG 20mm sniper loadout to take over the meta after Season 3’s key nerfs for snipers like the Swiss K31 and Kar98k.

After lengthy complaints from players about the strength of sniper rifles in Warzone, season 3 of the Vanguard cycle finally brought big nerfs to the category as a whole.

Some weapons – like the Modern Warfare HDR and AX-50 – dodged the nerf, but the sniper category is now significantly weaker than it was before April 27.

As a result, players have been looking for the best new long-range weapon to rip through enemy armor and eliminate them from afar. According to YouTuber IceManIsaac, the ZRG 20mm is the perfect candidate.

New ZRG sniper rifle in black ops cold war and war zone

The ZRG 20mm from Black Ops Cold War.

IceManIsaac’s Season 3 ZRG 20mm Warzone Gear

Due to its cumbersome handling and slow ADS, the ZRG was never likely to topple the Kar98k or Swiss K31. However, after their power was decimated, Isaac outlined how to build the ZRG to dominate Caldera in an April 29 video.

Explaining that he got a tip from a commentator, Isaac said, “Swap the wrapped suppressor for the Sound Moderator and the 5 Round Mag for the Serpent Wrap.” As a result, the ZRG’s ADS rate drops from 511 ms to 421 ms and it costs players little in terms of bullet speed.

As such, Isaac’s build is a little different than you might expect:

  • End of a loop: sound moderator
  • Walk: 43.9″ Combat Reconnaissance
  • Laser: SWAT 5mw laser vision
  • Optics: Royal & Kross 6x
  • rear handle: hose wrap

He finished: “I know it’s a giant anti-tank rifle that looks super clunky, but the ZRG is meta. It’s tough and you’re going to blast children across the map.”

Of course, you’ll need a close-up AR or SMG to complement your ZRG build. Once that’s fixed, though, there’s nothing better to bring you Season 3 victories.

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