iCloud Shared Photo Library comes with iOS 16 release

The highly anticipated iCloud Shared Photo Library is expected to come with the launch of iOS 16.


The iCloud Shared Photo Library is a platform that allows up to 5 people to share photos and videos with each other for social and collaboration purposes. Participants can edit, add, or delete content within the sharing space.

Apple has posted a notice on its webpage stating that the feature will “come out later this year.” Developers will also notice that it was removed in the current iOS 16 beta, where it was found in Settings, Photos, and Set Up Shared Library.

It’s worth noting that all participants have equal access to delete, edit, and add photos, as well as keyword sync, captions, and favorites. iCloud Shared Photo Library is different from Shared Albums in iCloud in that it works even without the iCloud Photos.

iCloud Shared Photo Library is expected to release on September 12, along with iPadOS 16 and other software.

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