iFixit Unveils Apple Watch Ultra Teardown Video

YouTube channel iFixit recently uploaded a new teardown video of the new Apple Watch Ultra.

Apple Watch

The video, titled “Apple Watch Ultra Teardown – Beautiful, Rugged and Almost Repairable,” is nearly five minutes long and discusses the smartwatch’s internal components. The first notable thing was that, while there were visible screws on the underside for quick access, iFixit says repairability remains low.

The teardown video confirms a larger 542 mAh battery compared to the Series 8 and its 308 mAh battery, as well as a larger speaker that produces louder phone calls. The last two sections showed a side-by-side comparison of the Apple Watch Ultra and the Series 8 in terms of parts, and the Ultra’s titanium frame.

The high-end Apple Watch Ultra has a price tag of $799 and comes with 100 meters of water resistance, an ‘Action’ button, outdoor themed straps and a 49mm case. It is available for purchase at Apple.com and Apple Stores.

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