Intel 13th Generation Mobile Series Includes Core i7-13620H and i5-13420H CPUs

According to Intel, Raptor Lake mobile CPUs will be released by the end of this year. The statement made it clear that the new CPUs should now be accessible, so we’re not talking about a paper launch.

Intel appears to be planning at least four new mobile CPUs for this launch, two of which were previously unknown. According to previous reports, Intel Core produces i9-13900HK and i7-13700H laptop parts. Both are believed to be high-end gaming SKUs, with 14 cores and 20 threads. According to sources, these CPUs will outperform the 12th generation Core series in terms of clock speeds, up to 5.4 GHz.

Additionally, according to @momomo, Intel is also introducing 13 20H SKUs that are either lower TDP components or rebrands of current SKUs. Although the Intel Core i7-13620H and i5-13420H are specified, a simple search for those model numbers turns up nothing; hence the exact specifications of those processors are unknown.

The 13th generation Core series, codenamed “Raptor Lake mobile”, is expected to be released before CES 2023. It’s typical to see new laptop CPU and GPU series here, and this year will be no different. Intel 13th Gen CPUs will definitely be paired with NVIDIA RTX 40 Mobile GPUs and Intel’s own Arc A-Series.

In addition, the company hinted that they would later introduce a new desktop-class HX series. There is no evidence that this is the new Raptor Lake chip, which has 8 Performance and 16 Efficient cores. This series is expected to be released later, perhaps a year after the 12th generation HX series debuted in May.

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