Intel Arc A350M GPU is slower than GTX 1650 according to new test scores

Earlier today, it was reported that the Intel Arc A-series mobile GPUs will be available exclusively for the South Korean market. And this is where we can find the Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro laptop with the option to be equipped with the Arc A350M graphics.

Some of us have thought for quite some time that there is misinformation about this news. However, it turns out that many reviewers got their hands on these laptops and therefore became the first in the world to try out the Arc GPU.

A tech reviewer called bullslab from the Jeoljit Research Institute has tested this Samsung laptop with product code NT950XEV-G51A. This model comes with a Core i5-1240P Alder Lake 12-core and a 16-thread CPU. With 16GB LPDDR5 RAM, it features a 1080p 60Hz AMOLED display and weighs just 1.17kg. It is equipped with the Arc A350M mobile GPU with a RAM of 4 GB.

The reviewer noted that the whole process of updating drivers might not be that simple and would be confusing for first time users. This is especially true for the GPU drivers which have a completely separate branch for the Arc GPUs. There is a more recent branch for integrated GPUs (, but for the Arc GPUs the drivers seem older ( What’s worse is that the Intel graphics card panel doesn’t show the GPU’s name and instead just shows “Unknown 5694”.

The only good thing seems to be the speed; the 3D Mark test shows that the Arc 350M is faster than the NVIDIA GeForce MX450 with a TDP of 25W. However, it is still slower than the GTX 1650. To be fair, we are not talking about the lowest Max-Q variant. It would be a fair comparison to compare it to the 35W Max-Q version here.

Finally, when he came to the gaming tests, the reviewer noted that GPU usage remained low during the games and the GPU clock was not stable. This case is mainly visible during the testing of PUBG, which stuttered a lot. However, games that normally require low GPU usage, such as the League of Legends, don’t have much of an impact on performance and maintain a good frame rate.

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