Intel Arc A380 desktop graphics card launched in China for $153

Intel has officially launched their first discrete desktop graphics card based on the Xe-HPG architecture, the Arc A380 “Alchemist”. The card launched in China for RMB ¥1,030, including tax, which is about USD$153 when converted. The Arc A380 uses the DG2-128 (ACM-G11) silicon built on the TSMC N6 (6nm) silicon fabrication process.

You get 8 Xe Cores, or 128 EU (execution units), making 1024 unified shaders. There is a 96-bit wide GDDR6 memory interface with 6 GB of memory, giving the card 192 GB/s of bandwidth. The card’s base clock is set to 2000MHz and the TDP is 75W, so no PCI-Express power connections on this one. You still get full DirectX 12 Ultimate capabilities, including ray tracing and the XeSS performance boost. There are also several accelerators for content creation, including Intel XMX and AV1 hardware encryption capabilities.

While this is an entry-level pass, Intel is marketing it as suitable for gaming as they provided the above chart with gaming benchmarks. Intel claims that 1080p gaming at medium settings is possible in popular titles.

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