Intel Arc A770 GPU shown with 2.5GHz clock and 190W GPU power

Linus Tech Tips recently released a video demonstrating Intel’s Arc A770 graphics card. Tom Peterson from Intel has also shed some light on the game optimization for the Arc GPUs. As for Intel, there are officially three levels of games that offer different levels of optimization on the Arc GPUs. The third level is the level that affects pricing. This level is reserved for non-optimized titles.

The first tier has already been partially revealed – the range of games best suited to run on the Intel Arc are the new and popular games that use the DirectX12 API. The list includes Fortnite, Control or even Cyberpunk 2077. Moving on to the second level, there are the DX12/Vulkan games that work great on Arc, but they are somehow less optimized for it. and as mentioned before, the third tier contains titles that are not optimized for Arc at all. These usually include DirectX11 titles, hence a large portion of the popular flowcharts.

We currently only have framerate information on Tom Raider and F1 2021 with DX11 and DX12 APIs. Apart from this, no other information about the frame rate has been disclosed. During a short overclocking session, the game was demonstrated in Cyberpunk 2077, but the performance figures were not shared.

Intel’s promise here is to “kill everyone in price for performance” as far as the first tier titles are concerned. It has been made clear that pricing will be based on level three performance and depending on this we believe the Arc A770 will cost less than the leaked $400 price.

Thanks to Arc Control, we do have some information about the specs derived during one of the overclocking sessions. The GPU power is set at 190W and can go up to 285W for overclocking, and the default clock speed is 2.5GHz. Please note, however, that the software used here contains bugs and therefore the accuracy of the overclocking information cannot be relied upon. Apart from specifications, we also have no news about the availability and the official prices.

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