Intel Arc Desktop Graphics Delayed Again

Intel’s Arc desktop graphics cards may experience further delays, and this delay could be pushed back to the end of September. We now fear that by the time these are officially released, they may already be obsolete. In this fast-paced market, no one should be able to afford such delays. Intel has officially announced that they don’t see these cards coming soon.

Until now, these Arc A-Series products are only made available to the Chinese system integrators and OEMs. They were supposed to be available this quarter, but we’ll wait until September for a worldwide release. This news was confirmed in a short blog news by Lisa Pearce, vice president of Intel’s Visual Compute Group. She said, “Intel Arc A5 and A7 desktop cards will launch globally with OEMs and system integrators later this summer, followed by component sales through global channels.”

She further said: “During our evaluation of this feature, we decided to take it a step further and implement a system that allows users to manage collections of our driver-based optimizations, including options for memory management, constant folding, and others. We will provide related switches. collect in groups to allow for end-user customization.”

There are growing concerns that the Arc’s competitiveness could be lost by the time of its release. It looks like this won’t be an easy time for Intel as it decides to venture into an extremely competitive field already dominated by two other giants.

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