Intel Arc graphics cards do not currently support mining

Intel’s discrete Arc Alchemist graphics cards are out in the wild and we already know how some of them will perform in games, but what about mining. While the popularity of GPU mining has declined in recent months, it is always interesting to see how different cards perform in mining. Well, it looks like Intel’s Arc A380 graphics card doesn’t support Ethereum mining software.

Popular YouTuber DJ Mines has a new video on his channel where he tested the Arc A380 and says, “Well, we got the Intel GPU driver working great, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem like any mining programs support Intel GPUs yet.” . And added: “Tried NiceHashMining, trex miner, lolminer, teamreminer (all on Windows). Guess we’ll have to wait for [Hive OS mining platform].”

While the Arc A380 doesn’t currently work with mining software, that doesn’t mean it won’t in the future. Mining software is updated quite often, so it won’t be a surprise if we see Arc GPUs supported in the future, especially when the more expensive models become available.

Via Tom’s Hardware

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