Intel B760 motherboards are expected to cost slightly more than B660

Recent indications from Chinese motherboard manufacturers suggest that the price of the ‘mid-range’ series would increase from generation to generation. BoardChannels, the source of all channel rumors, claims that Taiwanese motherboard manufacturers will soon ship B760 motherboards to distributors. Shipping starts this week. Taiwan is home to some of the world’s most well-known technology companies, including ASUS, Gigabyte, and MSI.

In addition, the price of the new generation of B760 motherboards is rumored to increase by about 100 Yuan (14 USD). This is the average price increase for cheaper variants; however, modified models with more advanced power delivery and features will cost 200 to 300 yuan more than the previous generation, according to the source.

The reports do not contain any details about the H770 upper mid-range series. Leaks with similar boards already indicate that this chipset will be released at the same time. Compared to the flagship Z790 series, the H770 and B760 support fewer PCIe lanes, have a shorter DMI channel, and lack key capabilities such as improved overclocking.

Intel is expected to introduce its 13th Gen Core non-K desktop CPUs on January 5, which is also when the new 700-series motherboards go on sale, according to reports.

Updating: Pricing for MSI’s next B760 motherboard range has been revealed by hardware slick chi11eddog. Prices range from $169 for the PRO B760-A WIFI DDR4 and $209 for the B760 I EDGE WIFI. If this price is right, the next-generation MSI motherboard might be 10% lower than the B660 series at launch, but still noticeably more expensive than the current retail price.

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