Intel Core i3-13100 Quad-core Budget CPU Leaked

Intel still makes quad-core CPUs, but those are the least powerful in the Core series. A speculated part is already circulating on the CPU-Z validation website, partially validating the specs. Although the Core i3-13100 has four physical cores and eight threads, it has no Gracemont/Small cores. If we exclude the non-Core series, the 13100 is the only desktop CPU in the 13th generation that doesn’t have one.

This part is now available on a frequency of 3415 MHz, which is lower than expected. The i3 predecessor 12100 had a base frequency of 3.3 GHz and a boost speed of 4.3 GHz. Therefore, one can conclude that this example has no turbo boost and that the base clock is faster. Rumor has it that the Core i3-13100 will be the only CPU in the upcoming series to use 60W. However, this is not a Raptor Lake processor. This entry-level CPU would use an Alder Lake H0 chip, making it a refresh of the Alder Lake Core i3-12100 SKU. Although this has not been validated, it makes a lot of sense.

Intel Core i3

The release of Intel’s Core non-K series is widely expected before the end of this year or CES 2023. The release of low-cost 13th generation Core CPUs would be supported by sales of H770 and B760 motherboards. For this particular instance, a pre-existing Gigabyte B660 Gaming X motherboard and some DDR5-4800 RAM were used.

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