Intel Core i5-13600K almost as fast as Ryzen 9 5950X in latest leaked benchmark

Intel’s upcoming next-generation mid-range processor, the Core i5-13600K, has just appeared in the Geekbench database. We don’t just have a single test, but actually two. One an ASUS motherboard with DDR5 and the other on an ASRock motherboard with DDR4.

The Core i5-13600K is a 14-core CPU with 20 threads. For this particular configuration, only 6 performance cores were enabled and one cluster of 8 efficient cores. The CPU’s software ran at 5.05 to 5.1 GHz on the ASUS setup and 4.3 to 5.09 GHz on the ASRock setup.

Looking at the two scores, the Core i5-13600K scored 1980 and 2012 in the single-core test and 14425 and 16054 in the multi-core test. Let’s take the better scores here, if they are accurate the Core i5-13600K would be 8% faster in single-core and 38% faster in multi-core than its predecessor, the Core i5-12600K. Now if we compare it to AMD’s Ryzen 9 5950X, it’s actually 20% faster in single-core and about 3% slower in multi-core.

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