Intel Core i7-13700K and Core i5-13600K Raptor Lake CPUs Tested

ExtremePlayer is now testing two CPUs from the Raptor Lake-S desktop lineup; the Core i7-13700K 16-core CPU and Core i5-13600K 14-core CPU. These CPUs come in a hybrid configuration with both Raptor Core and Gracemont architectures.

The increase in the number of Efficient cores (almost by half) gives an improved lead over the Alder Lake parts. Not just more cores, the Raptor Lake models also come with higher boost clocks going up 400MHz for the i7 and 300MHz for the i5. The L2 cache is also nearly doubled in both parts compared to the Alder Lake CPUs. Both models also come with standard DDR5 memory support.

The review is quite extensive and shares a transparent comparison between the Raptor Lake 13700K and 13600K parts and the 12700K and 12600K parts. Each of these processors has been tested with two ASRock Steel Legend Z690 motherboards. One motherboard had DDR5-6400 memory and the other DDR4-3200.

For example, in the CPU-Z test, the i7 shows a huge boost of 10% in the single-core test and 34% better results in multi-thread. The i5 shows a boost of 5% in single-core and 41% in multi-thread.

Given the higher power consumption, the better performance is no surprise at all. Power consumption reached a whopping 244W on the i7 using the AIDA64 FPU test, which is quite a bit higher than 12700K’s 188W. The same results showed on i5-13600K with a higher power consumption of 178W, which is 30W more than i5-12600K with the same test.

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