Intel Core i7-13700K overclocked to 6 GHz, scores 983 points

The Core i7-13700K was recently featured in two different tests and they appear to have leaked, giving us new information. One of the tests shows that the processor reaches clock speeds of 6 GHz, with the hybrid mode disabled and only with the Performance cores (all 8). The CPU score on this test is 983 points on the single-thread CPU-Z benchmark. This seems to be higher than even the leaked Core i9-13900K running at 5.5GHz with all its Performance cores.

The multi-core thread clearly takes a hit with the small cores disabled and reports results of 7814 points. The leaked screenshot clearly shows 1.421V voltage and temperature ranging between 25 or 37 degrees Celsius, clearly indicating that the screenshot was taken after the test was performed.

The other test has the same CPU but has its hybrid mode enabled, meaning all 16 cores are available. The Performance cores are clocked at 5.8GHz, while the Efficient cores are clocked at 3.7GHz. The CPU score stands at 947 points on the single-thread test and 12896 on the multi-thread test. The screenshot shows the voltage at 1.5V and the temperatures from 28 to 38 degrees Celsius. The motherboard used in this test was the ASUS ROG Strix Z690-A Gaming along with DDR4 memory.

Keeping these scores and results in mind, we can conclude that the CPU performance has improved by 10% compared to the i9-13900K clocked at 5.5GHz, and 16% higher than the Core i9-12900K at 5.2GHz.

There is another video posted by Esperonslaie showing the same benchmark, but unfortunately the data is not as clearly visible. The Cinebnech stress test and the 5.9GHz overclocking speed bring the CPU voltage to 1.445V. During testing, the temperature shown is 85 degrees Celsius.

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