Intel Core i9-13900 Raptor Lake CPU Delidded

Expreview The Bilibili Channel has uploaded a budding video of Intel’s upcoming 13th Gen Core CPU – the i9-13900 non-K. This video records the first time the integrated heat spreader has been disconnected from this CPU. The CPU chip is about 257mm², which means 49mm² more space compared to the Alder Lake silicon. But compared to the Rocket Lake CPU which measures 280 mm², it is smaller.

We are aware of the fact that this whole process of removing the lids has to be done with a steady hand along with a stable razor and heater. To do this successfully, one must have access to Intel’s technical samples as this is not a retail model as the CPU will be officially launched after two months.

It is certainly a complicated process and if anything goes wrong, the entire CPU can be damaged for good. If successful, however, it can significantly help lower the temperature, which is paramount with the high-end SKUs like the Core i9 series which can reach 250W plus in boost mode.

Intel is all set to launch its 13th generation Core series in October this year following an official announcement expected at the Intel Innovation event scheduled for September 27.

Via Videocardz

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