Intel Core i9-13900K overclocked to 8812.85 MHz, breaking an 8-year-old world record

The AMD FX 8370 chip reached the highest frequency ever for a desktop CPU in August 2014. It was overclocked to 8722.78 MHz, when originally it defaulted to 4.0 GHz. After more than 8 years of waiting, this record is finally broken with a new processor from Intel.

In terms of overclocking, it seemed that no Intel CPU could compete with AMD’s now-old FX series. Intel’s 13th generation Core series, also known as “Raptor Lake”, finally made this possible by releasing the first 5.8GHz desktop CPU.

The Core i9-13900K has been featured in many leaks in recent months, so we knew it had the potential to clock significantly higher. However, setting a new world record for CPU frequency on the first day was not something we expected.

Elmor recently published a new 8812.85 MHz frequency record in the HWBOT ranking. It used an Intel Core i9-13900K processor, an ASUS Z790 ROG Maximus APEX motherboard, and plenty of liquid nitrogen.

Surprisingly, this also means that ASUS motherboards have held the CPU frequency record for over 12 years now. The only motherboard from another company to make a list was the DFI LanParty UT P35 motherboard in 2010.


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