Intel Core i9-13900K surpasses 40K points in Cinebench R23

Intel’s flagship Raptor Lake processor (24-core and 32-thread) has scored 2290 points in the single-core Cinebench R23 test and 35693 points in the multi-core test. The CPU power consumption reached 254 W, with the default power and clock settings. This power consumption reminds us of the Turbo/PL2 power limit for the flagship Core i9-13900K CPU, which was recently rumored.

When the power cap is unlimited for the same CPU, the results do not show a huge improvement over the single-core test. However, in the multi-core test there seems to be a 13.8% improvement, bringing the score to 40616. However, the improvement comes at a price – power consumption peaks at 345W in the same test. If we compare the same power settings in the multi-core test, we’d find that the i9-13900K beats any of the current flagship models from both Intel and AMD.

ECSM also tested the same Intel CPU, but they used different tools. This particular sample was tested on the AIDA64 stability test where the HWiNFO window recorded the behavior of each of the cores. It turned out that 2 of the 8 available Raptor Cove cores could reach 5.8 GHz during the test. The rest of the cores performed at 5.5 GHz and the 16 Efficient cores were able to reach 4.3 GHz.

The Raptor Lake CPUs will be announced next month at Intel’s Innovation event scheduled for September 28. However, the CPUs won’t be available until October 17. The results came out at a pretty decent time; two weeks before launch. We’re yet to see pricing details crop up, though.

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