Intel Introduces Core i9-13900KS Special Edition 6GHz CPU Next Year

With the unveiling of the next-generation Core Series platform, Intel confirms that it will release its first desktop CPU in 2023 with an out-of-the-box clock speed of 6.0GHz.

The new part, which is expected to be called Core i9-13900KS, will be released next year, but only in limited quantities. The KS series SKUs are pre-bundled CPUs that provide the best power performance and stability at higher clock speeds. The Core i9-12900KS model released by Intel a year ago is the most powerful SKU in the Alder Lake-S series, offering 5.5GHz with all cores right out of the box.

The 6.0 GHz claim isn’t entirely clear whether it applies to all cores or just a specific number of them. However, it clearly does not apply to the other 16 Efficient cores and only applies to the Performance cores (Raptor Cove).

The 12th generation Core KS Special Edition was released for $739, a significant $150 increase over the i9-12900K. While it’s uncertain how much more the 13900KS will cost, it will undoubtedly be pricey.

Shortly after the release of AMD’s Ryzen 7000X3D series with 3D V-Cache, the launch of the 6GHz desktop CPU is expected. This was rumored to take place during CES 2023.

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