Intel Meteor Lake iGPU Expected to Support Ray Tracing Acceleration

It’s been a few weeks since Intel announced the upcoming 14th-generation Core series, which will come with a “versatile processing unit” for AI and inference. Intel has now shed some light on the integrated graphics architecture. The Meteor Lake CPUs will feature the Xe-LPG graphics, a derivative of the Xe-HPG. The changes made to the architecture do not include support for the DPAS (Dot Product Accumulate Systolic) feature.

Some recent patches introduced in the Intel Graphics Compiler suggest that Meteor Lake’s iGPU may come with support for ray tracing acceleration. This allows us to check whether the architecture is a derivative of DG2 or not, which is rumored to be the case with Meteor Lake. If this proves to be correct, Meteor Lake will come with support for ray tracing.

It is important to note here that ray tracing hardware acceleration is not entirely new when it comes to integrated graphics. At the beginning of the year, AMD launched its Ryzen 7000 series CPUs which were based on the RDNA2 architecture and came with special Ray Accelerator units.

We have yet to see exactly how many Execution Units will appear on the Xe-LPG architecture. Some renders from Intel show 192 Execution Units, but there are rumors that this number could change.

Via Coelacanth’s Dream

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