Intel shows Meteor Lake-P 6P+8E CPU diagram for 2023 laptops

Intel has decided not to produce the Meteor Lake GPU tile on the 3nm TSMC node. There had never been any plans from the start and this tile was always planned on the 5nm technology. This will be the next-generation SoC for consumer devices and uses a new Intel-specific disintegrated approach to CPU architecture. The nodes used for this architecture have already been confirmed by Intel.

At a press event, Intel shared some key details about the Meteor Lake series, especially its packaging technology. Intel has released a new diagram to show the next-generation consumer SoC that comes with 6 Performance Cores and 8 Efficient Cores. The cores will be part of a computer tile that will be manufactured by Intel itself using the company’s 4-process technology, until now referred to as 7nm technology.
It seems likely that this chip is the next-gen MTL-P silicon, ideal for low-power and portable gaming laptops. The MTL-U has been shared before; it is smaller because of and has fewer compute cores (2+8) and a low power GPU.

It is reported that the GPU tile will use the TSMC N5 node while the SoC tile will be based on the N6. The IO tile will also be based on N6. After all this, it becomes clear that the GPU tile is based on the N3 process technology and will in no way affect the launch schedule for Meteor Lake.
The Meteor Lake will be launched in 2023, while the Arrow Lake will be launched in 2024. Both the series will launch for desktop and mobile platforms.

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