Intel Z790 motherboards support DDR5-6800 and DDR4-5333 memory

Specifications for the MSI Z790 motherboard series have recently been published. According to these shared documents, the motherboards support JEDEC DDR5-5600 specifications by default. The MSI MEG Z790 supports up to 6800+ MT/s in 1 DIMM per channel. This is the 1-rank configuration. As for 2-rank memory, the speed will be 6400 MT/s. if we compare this to MSI’s Z690 premium MEG boards like the ACE, UNIFY or GODLIKE, they support DDR5 memory up to 6666 MT/sec.

MSI is also planning Z790 motherboards that will support DDR4 memory and have 5333 MT/s in a 1-rank configuration. The MSI Z690 DDR4 board is the fastest, supporting up to 5200 MT/sec.

The MSI X670E motherboards listed on the official websites don’t list the memory specs, so we can’t say for sure whether the Z790 or X670E series will support faster memory. There is also a possibility that they are not different at all. Biostar is the only one to list memory specifications. Even Gigabyte, ASUS and ASRock don’t do this.

Via Videocardz

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