Intel’s ARC prototype card with three 8-pin power connectors teased

Tom Petersen has confirmed that the Arc desktop “Limited Edition” is a standard power ATX graphics card. However, many of us noticed that during the desktop card teaser, Intel didn’t show any power connections. From what we know regarding the ATX 3.0 specs, the new PCIe Gen5 power connector only applies to the GPUs rated above 300W. This leads us to the question of whether the card has a lower TDP/Graphics has power.

During Peterson’s interview with HotHardware, a full-size desktop graphics card with a PCIe x16 interface was shown. We can be sure of one thing; this was definitely a prototype. There’s a chance this might not even be the Arc GPU. And if not, what was a map doing on his desk during the interview. So far there is no news that Intel is planning another Xe-HPC/HC card with a PCIe interface.

It is clear from the teaser that this prototype board has three 8-pin power connectors, each of which will provide 150W of power. Looking at the distance, it can safely be said that this is an engineering board for evaluation. None of this resembles Arc Alchemist’s prototype boards that have been resurfacing for a few months now.

It is possible that this is a successor to the Alchemist. Even Intel has confirmed that Battlemage would target an even higher performance segment for “enthusiasts”. Even then, it doesn’t make sense why the company used three 8-pin power connectors right after announcing the ATX 3.0 specs that define 300W+ GPUs with a new connector that will replace the need to have all three 8-pin connectors. .

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