INTERRO Outlines Five Major Changes Rainbow Six Needs for Year 7

Parker ‘INTERRO’ Mackay, popular caster and community figure of the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League, has outlined five major changes he believes Ubisoft Montreal’s tactical FPS needs as it enters Year 7.

With its regular appearances on Rainbow Six Esports streams, INTERRO has quickly cemented itself as a fan favorite in the world of Ubisoft’s tactical FPS.

As the game heads into a largely unprecedented seventh year of content post-launch, the cast has shared their thoughts on what Rainbow Six will need over the next 12 months of content. So far we have new Defender Azami, the promise of a new Emerald Plains map and much more.

However, INTERRO has been more specific, sharing five key changes that he believes should improve the game in Year 7.

Roadmap for Rainbow Six Year 7

The Roadmap for Year 7 for Rainbow Six Siege.

Share them all in one tweet on April 16, arguably the most notable is a “dramatic increase” in recoil on all LMGs.

Light machine guns have been generally reviled in Rainbow Six history, but consistent nerfs for other primary weapon categories have given them a new lease of life in Year 6.

With strong operators like Zofia and Finka already having access to it, many have labeled them as overpowered. Ubisoft has recently promised adjustments, but INTERRO made it clear that it wants to see their backlash targeted.

Among the other changes was a nerf for Finka’s Adrenal Boost – the ability to give all allies a temporary boost of 20 health. More controversially, it can pick up “knocked down” enemies from their state, meaning a risky revival no longer needs to be performed.

He also suggested giving more operators the Gonne-6 secondary – an explosive weapon that can open doors, open hatches and destroy enemy equipment.

His last two suggestions were removing yellow pings in competitive Siege and speeding up reinforcements during the prep phase. Those two pretty much speak for themselves.

In fact, Ubisoft responded to INTERRO’s suggestions, saying, “We appreciate suggestions for our games and we will forward this information to the appropriate teams for review.”

Ubisoft has consistently committed to being committed to player feedback and recently moved away from suggested Smoke nerfs to remove its immunity to its own gadget.

We’ll have to wait and see how Year 7 develops, but, as is usually the case, many followed INTERRO’s suggestions.

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