Interview with FFXIV director Yoshi-P: Buried Memory, Island Sanctuary and more

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published: 2022-09-23T15:06:12

Updated: 2022-09-23T15:06:35

Dexerto recently spoke with FFXIV director Yoshi-P and asked about Update 6.2 Buried Memory, Sanctuary Island, and other events in the epic MMO.

Although we were eager to speak with FFXIV director and producer Naoki Yoshida, affectionately known as Yoshi-P, about the future of Final Fantasy XIV, especially the story of Golbez and his Four Fiends. The legendary developer kept tight-lipped, so we focused our questions instead on the current version of FFXIV, which is 6.2 Buried Memory.

This massive update continues the overarching story but is a brand new chapter set after the events of Endwalker. However, one of the biggest changes in Update 6.2 was the release of Island Sanctuary, a peaceful change of pace for the MMO where the player can build their own fantasy retreat and relax.

They can also invite friends over to visit their island and the whole thing feels very Final Fantasy and Animal Crossing – which can only be a good thing. Here, players can take a break from the adventure to build a farm, unleash their minions and generally just enjoy existence in the world of Hydaelyn.

Here’s everything Yoshi-P had to say about Final Fantasy XIV Update 6.2 Buried Memory, Island Sanctuary, and much more.

FF14 developer Yoshi-PSquare-Enix

Yoshi-P is one of the brains behind FFXIV.

Island Reserve

We started by asking Yoshi-P about Island Sanctuary and what inspired them to create it. He told us:

“When it comes to creating an expansion, we not only need to think about what will come in that expansion itself, but at the same time formulate ideas for the key content to be included in the major updates that will be released over the next two or more years. will follow .’

“When I thought of “content that can be played at ease and without battles” as the centerpiece of the Patch 6.X series from 6.0 onward, I was inspired by a popular Japanese TV show and as a result Island Sanctuary was what I introduced the team. (laughs) I don’t expect it to have a major impact on housing demand, though, because I see it as something special.’

Final Fantasy XIV Island SanctuarySquare-Enix

Island Sanctuary also arrived with Buried Memory and looks a lot like Animal Crossing in FFXIV.

The Vault and Outdated Content

As the fourteenth entry in a long-running RPG series, FFXIV often borrows from previous Final Fantasy entries when it comes to story, characters and gameplay mechanics – this includes moments from FFXIV’s own nearly nine-year history.

As Update 6.2 brings further changes to older content like The Vault, we asked Yoshi-P why he and his team were going back to iconic moments from FFXIV’s past, and what feelings they hoped this would evoke in the player? He replied:

“We didn’t specifically target the Vault, but these adjustments were made as part of our work on Duty Support. However, since we took the trouble to go back and revisit the Vault, I decided to follow up and address an area that had upset players in the community, who had often complained at the time, “I wish they had a part where at least an attempt is made to cure a certain person”.’

“By establishing the presence of Alphinaud, we were able to tackle this issue well. This kind of work isn’t just limited to the Vault and we’ve done similar things with other dungeons. For players starting a new adventure or players playing New Game+, I hope they can appreciate the higher quality experience in earlier parts of the story.”

Instant portraits

naoki yoshida black magician cosplayNaoki Yoshida / Square Enix

Naoki Yoshida’s main class in FFXIV is the Black Mage.

Now that Instant Portraits has left beta and moved into other parts of the game, we asked Yoshi-P where else he thinks this popular feature could be added in the future?

“What we plan to do now is to use the feature when entering instanced dungeons and when giving compliments to players after clearing the dungeon. We’ve already implemented it and are debugging. So if we make it in time, the feature may be available from Patch 6.3.”

Glamor Dresser’s Slots

After the Glamor Dresser in Buried Memory doubled its capacity to 800 slots, with a vibrant community just for glamour, we asked Yoshi-P if he imagines players asking for even more slots?

“In another six months, I can expect to see quite a number of players saying, ‘Thanks for raising it to 800…but I want more slots!’ (smiles nervously) I think there’s room to increase the capacity a little more, but it’s a matter of balancing the other sources of stress on the server. Unfortunately, that means I can’t really say anything at this point. Sorry about that.’

Sephirot EX difficulty

The Knight in BlackSquare-Enix

The Knight in Black takes his throne – Golbez arrived in FFXIV Buried Memory.

After finding Sephirot EX extremely difficult at launch, we wondered if Sephirot Unreal was meant to evoke the same feelings as EX when it was first released? Here’s what Yoshi-P told us in response:

“It wasn’t really our intention to evoke those feelings in particular, but the concept of the Unreal series tasks is indeed to recreate the enthusiasm and nostalgia of the time when the content was originally launched, with the current level cap. Our goal is therefore to reproduce the combat experience of that time at a high level, without carelessly reducing the difficulty.’

So there you have it, Yoshi-P’s thoughts behind FFXIV Buried Memory, Island Sanctuary and more.

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