iPhone survives under water for seven hours

A Reddit post claims that an iPhone survived a dive in the ocean for seven hours.


A user named Van_D00m said his phone took a dip in the English Channel while he was paddleboarding. After 7 hours, the tide went out and the phone returned to the user’s hands. Van_D00m said he tracked the smartphone and found that it had no significant damage after being in the water for so long.

The timescale stated that the iPhone went down for about 5-7 hours, and the post itself was a bit unclear. It is believed that the Find My network started working when it said ‘it turned itself back on’.

The iPhone has been rated as splash proof, but there are several news articles detailing how the device can remain submerged for long periods of time. However, the exact model of the iPhone and details of the event have not been disclosed.

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