Is Goku coming to MultiVersus? Newly added Dragon Ball reference sparks speculation

A possible Dragon Ball reference in MultiVersus has sparked serious speculation about whether or not Goku could join the roster as a playable fighter.

Warner Bros’ platform fighter MultiVersus has taken the video game world by storm, bringing together a collection of many superheroes like Batman, cartoon characters like Bugs Bunny and even real-life NBA star LeBron James.

Despite being a WB game, third-party characters can still be added as the developers have stated that no one is off limits.

Now, with a Dragon Ball reference found in the game, some fans believe that Goku could be coming, but not everyone agrees and for good reason.

Is there a Dragon Ball reference in MultiVersus?

On September 8, notable leaker AisulMV tweeted that a new string had been added to MultiVersus titled “OVER 900,000!”

In the Dragon Ball Z Ocean dub, there’s a scene where Goku, the protagonist of the series, puts up with it, resulting in Vegeta, a villain at the time, proclaiming that his power level is “over 9000!” used to be.

Despite the popularity of this scene, it’s actually a misquote from the original manga where the number should be 8,000. Anyway, “About 9000” has become a hugely common internet meme.

While the MultiVersus series is a few zeros more, that hasn’t stopped users from speculating that this is a hint that Goku will be a DLC fighter.

β€œIt’s a reference to over 9,000, mate. Like yes, they changed the number because it’s a joke. Like the name of a perk or something. But Goku may still be there,” someone commented.

“God, please give me Goku in MultiVersus,” prayed another.

Unfortunately, it seems that the string could just be rank-related as others have posted screenshots showing the text in their games.

On the plus side, Game Director Tony Huynh has shown tremendous interest in adding an anime character to the game, saying he’s “working hard” to make it happen.

MultiVersus is still in its infancy and there’s no telling if Goku could ever be added, but as the game tries to dethrone Smash as the best platform fighter, doing what Sakurai refused to do can certainly help secure that spot.

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