IShowSpeed ​​​​being fooled by fake “Icon Series” Fortnite skin and emotes

published: 2022-10-09T23:45:23

Updated: 2022-10-09T23:45:42

YouTuber and streamer IShowSpeed ​​reacted live to an incredibly impressive unofficial Icon Series Fortnite skin with custom emotes.

While streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins was the first “Icon Series” skin released for Fortnite, numerous other creators have been added to the game since then.

Given the sheer reach and popularity of Fortnite, tons of creators would love to have the chance to officially appear in the game.

It looks like IShowSpeed ​​is one of those creators after responding live on stream to an unofficial “Icon Series” skin.

IShowSpeed ​​reacts to fake “Icon Series” skin

IShowSpeed ​​discovered the skin after a viewer donated a post claiming that its “official Fortnite Icon Series skin had been leaked”, prompting the creator to get excited about it.

Upon clicking the link and seeing the skin, the streamer was left stunned at the quality of the skin and ended up yelling “No way we in Fortnite!”

Apparently IShowSpeed ​​believed the donor’s claim that his skin had “leaked” and said “Chat this isn’t fake either.”

The skin featured a handful of costumes, including a white tank top, shorts and black sneakers, a skin with only blue shorts from the clip where he set off fireworks in his bedroom, and a skin based on the Portuguese football shirt.

The content creator then excitedly asked if the skin was “dancing” and told the chat to add an emote with the skin.

Immediately after asking the question, the video showed the skin with emotes referencing the song “Shake” by IShowSpeed, as well as an emote based on Cristiano Ronaldo.

Unfortunately for IShowSpeed, this was all a convoluted ruse set up by another YouTube creator called Trimix, who modeled, textured, and mo-capped the entire skin showcase video.

Of course, Epic Games wouldn’t simply create an Icon Series skin for Fortnite without the creator’s foreknowledge, but whether IshowSpeed ​​played up its response to content remains unclear.

The content creator got at least a taste of what it would be like if he ever got the chance to partner with the Battle Royale in the future.

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