JoeWo’s MP5 Warzone gear is perfect for close range firefights

The Warzone Season 3 weapon balance patch has shaken up the current meta, giving classic weapons like the Modern Warfare MP5 a chance to shine.

While the MP40 and Owen Gun still remain popular in Warzone Season 3, a number of classic Modern Warfare weapons have started to hit the field. Previously, JoeWo revealed his deadly M40A1 gear that still packs a punch, but now the streamer has his sights set on the MP5.

This blazing-fast SMG has previously dominated both the casual and competitive scene of the game for several seasons. Packed with great mobility, the Modern Warfare MP5 also packs decent damage at close range, making it particularly powerful when used in more intimate combat.

To get the most out of this SMG in the new season, JoeWo has created the best MP5 Warzone gear that you can use to gain an edge over your enemies.

JoeWo’s MP5 Warzone Gear

Modern Warfare MP5 Sample

The MP5 continues to be an incredibly reliable SMG in Warzone.

  • Walk: Monolithic integral suppressor
  • underflow: Merc Foregrip
  • Stock: FTAC Foldable
  • benefit: sleight of hand
  • Ammunition: 45 round stomachs

JoeWo’s MP5 gear is all about increasing the weapon’s speed, with attachments that increase bullet speed and overall mobility. First is the Monolithic integral suppressorwhich increases the MP5’s damage range and bullet speed.

Adding to this are the FTAC Foldable and Merc Foregrip† This Underbarrel attachment reduces the gun’s vertical and horizontal recoil, making it an absolute laser in close quarters scenarios. To make things even better, the Stock also improves your mobility and ADS speed.

Timestamp of 1:20

The 45 round stomachs may seem limited, but JoeWo has the Magic advantage to ensure top-ups are kept fast. After all, getting killed during long animations is incredibly frustrating, especially if you have a gun that you have to reload often.

So there you have it, one MP5 gear you can use to wipe out your rivals in Warzone Season 3.

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