Jonsbo unveils compact mid-tower PC case with 3-sided mesh panel

JONSBO has unveiled its VR4 line of mid-tower PC boxes. These boxes come with mesh panels on the front and both sides and are available in black and white. The VR4 line has compact mid-tower housings with dimensions of 216mm, 398mm and 440mm. However, the length of the graphics card at 345mm is quite impressive, despite these cases being mid-tower. Even with the front radiator installed, the graphics card remains at 320mm.

In addition, there is a 167mm CPU cooler with a 200mm power supply. The depth for the power supply will drop to 170mm once the front radiator is installed. The plus is that the PC box can be easily pulled out, giving you easy access to the interior.

Moving on to the drive bays, they include a 2.5 inch shadow space, two 3.5 inch shadow spaces or any other option with two 2.5 inch shadow spaces and a 3.5 inch shadow space. The front of the cooling fan is 120mm x 3 or 140mm x 2 and the installed radiator supports 240/280/360mm. There are USB Type-Cx1 and USB3.0x1 I/O ports along with seven expansion slots. The whole body weighs a total of 7.2 kg, which is not bad considering the box is made of 1.2 mm thick steel.

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