League of Legends gets a brand new endgame screen with the release of Challenges

League of Legends is getting a massive overhaul of the endgame screen with an all-new progress page to track challenges.

To coincide with the release of Challenges in League of Legends, Riot Games is completely reworking the post-game screen to include Challenge tracking and other features.

The scoreboard is also getting a new look in an effort to modernize the League client, which launches on May 6.

League gets new post-game screen and scoreboard

After a league match has ended, there are two different post match screens to navigate, the Progress tab and the leaderboard.

The Progression tab shows the splash art for the champion played, along with tracking LP wins, Mastery, and XP earned. Below that are all the challenges players are following and how much has progressed.

The chat box at the bottom has also been slightly reworked, as have Honors moved to the bottom right.

competition endgame screen
Riot Games

League’s new post-game progress screen.

The scoreboard gets some much-needed love too. The screen now shows faded character splash art for each player on the left, K/DA and lane positions.

The column on the far right shows the Challenge players who are most advanced in that game. These changes are not reinventing the wheel, but certainly make the scoreboard more readable and nicer to look at.

competition scoreboard
Riot Games

The new League of Legends leaderboard improves visual clarity.

Changes to the leaderboard and end of the game screen are designed to seamlessly integrate the new Challenges progression system into all types of game modes, which is exactly what it does.

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