League of Legends is giving away all Star Guardian event rewards for free

The League of Legends Star Guardian event started off rocky, with many of the event rewards running out and keeping players from claiming them. To make up for it with the community, Riot is giving away all Star Guardian event rewards for free – minus the skins.

League of Legends fans were understandably upset when the community-favorite Star Guardian event didn’t all go smoothly.

Bugs and glitches prevented players from claiming many of the rewards – a frustrating experience made even more exacerbated by the limited time frame.

Rather than just apologizing, Riot is trying to make amends with League players worldwide. The developer is giving away all Star Guardian events for free.

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Missed the Star Guardian rewards? Riot compensates everyone for issues plaguing the event.

For players who have already earned some of the rewards, they will simply get another one. The only rewards that cannot be unlocked twice are the icons – as they are limited to one per summoner.

To unlock these free rewards, players still need to play the game. But the process has become much simpler than the actual event. Play one game per day from August 17 to August 23. In addition, the League of Legends accounts must be created before August 11, 2022.

Here’s the full list of free prizes:

  • Aug 17: 300 Star Guardian Tokens, Star Guardian 2022 Sphere, 800 Blue Essence, Eternals Capsule, Star Guardian event icon
  • Aug 18: Star Nemesis Fiddlesticks Icon, Fiddlesticks Series 1 Eternals, Come Closer Emote, Morgana Series 1 Eternals, Star Nemesis Morgana Emote
  • Aug 19: Star Nemesis Morgana Icon, Kai’Sa Series 1 Eternals, Aww How cute! emote, Akali Series 1 Eternals
  • Aug 20: Star Guardian Kai’Sa Icon, Star Guardian Akali Icon, Ekko Series 1 Eternals, Gotcha! emote, Rock On! emote
  • Aug 21: Taliyah Series 1 Eternals, Star Guardian Taliyah Icon, Star Guardian Ekko Icon, Sona Series 1 Eternals, so sweet! emote
  • Aug 22: Rell Series 1 Eternals, One More Thing… Emote, Star Guardian Rell Icon, Quinn Series 1 Eternals, Star Guardian Sona Icon
  • Aug 23: Nilah Series 1 Eternals, what a joy! Emote, Perfection emote, Star Guardian Quinn Icon, Star Guardian Nilah Icon

The one game per day requirement was a measure by Riot to avoid more system overload, which caused the bugs and glitches in the event to begin with.

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