League of Legends Level List: Best Champions to Use in Every Role

published: 2022-09-28T13:30:42

Updated: 2022-09-28T13:31:04

Looking for an updated League of Legends level list to help you dominate your enemies on Summoner’s Rift? Check out our ranking of all in-meta champions currently available in the game.

Since the release of League of Legends in 2009, Riot Games has continuously introduced new champions to vastly expand the in-game universe. Initially released with about 40 unique champions, LoL now has a whopping 159 characters to choose from. Needless to say, making that choice can be quite confusing at times.

In addition to the wide variety of champions available, regular updates help keep the game’s meta fresh. This ensures that no specific set of champions can be used to dominate pubs throughout the season. With this in mind, our tier list will help you stay ahead as you battle it out in League of Legends.


  • League of Legends Level List: Best Champions
League of Legends HeroNot all Heros are equal in the latest LoL update.

League of Legends Level List: Best Champions

As in most MOBAs, there are several customizable characters in LoL that can be played in multiple roles when the situation calls for it.

You may have picked a Jungler for your next match, but that particular champion can also be just as effective in the Mid-Lane as needed. That said, we’ve ranked each hero based on their most appropriate role in the current meta.


Champions listed in the S Tier are undoubtedly the best of them all in League of Legends. Be it a role, the characters below are sure to give you a competitive edge in your next ranked match. Be it an aggressive late game carry, or an early game support Champion, the below will go a long way in the current meta.

an image of a character in League of LegendsRiot Games

Keep in mind that the LoL rankings change regularly, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

a level

The League of Legends characters in this tier may not be as strong as those in the S tier, but they’re quite effective when it comes to taking on enemies on the Summoner’s Rift. Whether it’s reliable heroes like Ashe or the skill-based prowess of others, there are many champions to choose from.

Heroes like this layer can be very versatile. In the drawing phase, it can be a very effective game, giving you the chance to outsmart your opponents and gain a small edge over them even before you spawn on the map.

League of Legends is going to make big changes to jungle items.YouTube: League of Legends

League of Legends Jungle Champions are spread all over the meta.


While the B Tier lists quite a few of LoL’s poster kids, we recommend focusing on higher-educated champions simply because of their potential in specific metas. Of course, the following heroes may be viable in different scenarios, but the point is to base your choices after weighing the pros and cons in each specific situation.

While you may have played with almost all of the characters mentioned in this tier, it’s important to note that they lack that extra spice when it comes to making an impact on the Rift.

So that’s it for our League of Legends level list! Of course, if there’s a specific champion you live with, you should always aim high and keep playing them.

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